28 piece Pocket Survival Kit

Pocket Survival Kit

We’re going to be discussing the micro and micro plus survival kit by going prepared survival!

For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to be taking the micro plus survival kit and breaking it down at the micro Kit level and the plus level due to the fact that my actual micro survival kit is in my EDC Organizer kit, and that will be discussed on a later date!

Pocket Survival Kit

Now realistically There is no difference between the micro kit and the micro plus survival kit from going prepared survival except for four items.

Which is the grabber emergency space blanket which is the original space blanket. The aqua Mira Frontier straw, The Exotac fire sleeve, and the Photon a micro x keychain light! So the first obvious item in this kit is the lock sack bag, now these bags are awesome They actually are leak-proof and they are airtight, which means that you can basically compress these down get all the air out. If these things get damp or moist or they get in contact with water. the stuff that you have inside that necessarily can’t get wet Won’t get wet.

We have one triple antibiotic ointment packet, and we have a butterfly enclosure. This is not going to be more centered around, First-aid if you want a first aid kit, That’s something you should be procuring on yourself, but it is kind of nice of them you acknowledge the need for an RC bubo kit. We were going down the list we have a fishing kit. We have a 12-pound test line that’s kind of already pre-rigged an organized chorus.

Which is actually really nice I want to say there are about 30 feet of this bad boy. Next, we have some hooks and split shot weights These will be nice to kind of set your base any things you can use you can use things from earplugs Cheetos basically anything you can find Or you can use a natural base if you have them available like bugs Critters or picking like that the next.

I actually have a lure In here it has the weight and the hook already kind of set up for you is this emergency signal mirror No, I like this vile a stigma mirror because of the hole that is in the center now by providing that is it gives you a directional point to kind of aim at your

Target whether it’s a People a group of people looking for you I’ll play in a moving vehicle and like that and the fact that I actually offer instructions In the back so even if you don’t use it you can kind of fumble your way through it and Aim this correctly the next Item in the kit is this wire saw now.

I like a lot of people I thought wire sols were junked for a very very long time until I was educated and kind of learning how to take this and add upon it and what I mean by that is this is just a procurement tool to help you build a better tool to Be able to actually process wood more effectively now a wire saw is it is is okay. It’s not a bad tool It’ll get some small branches and some stuff done if you use this to build something like a bow saw which I’ll kind of showcase An example here right now is you’ll see that you’ll be able to actually process.

What a lot more effectively and Even cut down and process small trees for things like your shelter moving on we have a button compass now This is not your average run-of-the-mill Plain-Jane Compass, this is a nice Kerosene filled Compass from Japan, these are the nicest but encompasses that I’ve ever seen. To get one of these by yourself you’re looking to pay between 750 to 10 bucks for a real version, and What I like about these is if you have your navigation unlock and everything’s OK.

And you know where you are you can use an emergency to start a fire? but in addition to that if you need this for navigation This is one of the best compasses to have due to the fact that it is filled with Kerosene the best part about that is it can handle Extremely cold temperatures and extremely hot temperatures before having any flashing or freezing points?

Then an item is a small spool of number 69 heavy Duty thread, now this Thread is freaking amazing you can use this for clothing repair, tent repair in conjunction with the 18-inch needle that comes with this Kit, and you can go through and do a little bit of everything

This is also strong enough to do to the fact of its braided thick heavy-duty nature You could use this as a nightline for light-duty Fishing if you need to if this is the 18 denier needle that I mentioned in the thread segment we have this Fresnel lens now This is great because it has its own little sleeve.

But these frozen ones are awesome to see things more closely when you’re reading but more importantly in a survival or mercy situation is to be able to start a solar fire and What impresses the most about this particular kit is just in this kit alone? We have one two three and four different methods for starting a fire Next we have this derma safe knife now.

This is the original Derma safe knife This is not a Chinese knockoff And I like that this is the one that you actually get in military kits for overseas members and their survival kits But basically this is the utility blade you can use for box cutting cording cordage you can do this for shaving if you need? To and having this as a supplement to a really heavy-duty

A pocketknife or something like a good fixed blade out in the field This is a great addition to do some of those Finer detail tasks such as shaving and thread cutting the neck item on the list is this awesome Ten-foot hank of solid brass Trapwire, Now the snare wire is freaking awesome because you can use about one to two feet of this and Be able to build and develop quite a few snare traps when you’re out in the field to procure yourself some food

Next on the list is this Ten-foot hank of utility coordinate now I love utility cord as backup cordage now. We all know the merits of Paracord paracord is amazing and there are hundreds of uses for it, but well, we’re building supplement kits or one backup kit having paracord can just be a little too bulky.

So things like utility core tech, Nora these are really good cordage Ha’s for things like tying down splints if you get injured tent stakes everything like that? It makes very useful cordage that is still strong may not be the strongest Paracord however it is nice and lightweight And you can fit quite a bit of it in a very small pack of 15 feet of duct tape I love duct tape you can use it for everything.

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I think duct tape does everything but to your cancer we all know Maris’s duct tape from repair holding things together fixing things patching things up and not to mention that duct tape if Used in an absolute emergency makes a wicked fire tender next up is this emergency whistle this is the acme tornado this is the actual whistle that they use and the Fifa world cup series the Actual refs use in soccer Matches now if they have to use this in a stadium where they have a hundred thousand people two hundred thousand people or more and still be able to get a clear signal across the field that people need to shut Up and listen, you know this is a good whistle, The next item up is this fire steel with the striker now.

This is actual fire steel the actual model That is used that is issued to nato Forces overseas and downrange in their survival kits now.

I like this particular striker It’s a nice good hard sharp piece of steel on all sides you have a little saw blade here as well for striking but this thing actually produces a really healthy amount of Sparks and The good thing to know is you’re not getting cheap Chinese crap now that just does it for being micro survival Kit portion Something I really appreciate about go prepare survival is they’re trying to their hardest to produce military-Grade really nice high-quality Survival items for beginners people on a tight budget people who want to be prepared? But they don’t want to keep searching for you know you don’t want to have to go to Amazon and go well I need a lighter.

I need a water filter I need this I need that I need this they’re doing their best research to make sure that you’re getting high-quality USA-made items or things that are imported in countries like Germany Japan England, and you’re getting really nice Military-grade stuff that you can rely on them to pin down because if you’re going to be a prepper And you’re going to have a survival kits bug-out bags go back things in your glove box things in your EDC You definitely want to invest in that because to me.

This is realistic licensure. This is self-Preservation insurance We have the space blanket which is the original version C’s plays manga now I like this particular setup because it has the matte od green it does have that really nice reflective layer So you can trap in all your body heat And you’re not just sending off a huge signal now the great thing about this is it’s a little bit thicker and a little bit bigger and more rugged than a lot of the cheap model or sheets that you find nowadays the next item in this kit is Differently at the Frontier Aqua Mera drinking straw.

Now. This is a solid straw I have tested this thoroughly on my channel my wife my kids myself of all drinking from this we’ve tested it out for camping we Have dozens of these I literally have about eight of these walking around the house however This is the only item in the micro plus edition of the kit that I want to make a change for and this is what?

I will change it out, for now, the quality level is the same, but this is the hydro blue site This is a three-stage water filter that filters just a little bit more different types of things than just a standard drinking straw, however.

This straw in a pinch style caplet filters up to a hundred gallons instead of the thirty from the aqua, Mira Next in the Micro plus survival kit We have the xo tec fire sleeve now some people think that’s silly But I love this thing it allows your normals plain-Jane Bic lighters to be waterproof.

But it floats and it also provides an ability to put a lantern on it So there is just an additional measure of protection to make sure you don’t lose this thing However when you see this there are three different rings to kind of trap your bit lighter in there.

So even if this violently gets tossed into a lake stream river pond anything like that You’re not going to lose the functionality of your lighter because in a survival situation Fire is everything the last item in this kit is the photon micro x light now where this is Separated from a lot of other really crappy keychain lights and because this keychain light isn’t necessarily the cheapest But it’s still a really good investment price It’s only like 10 bucks for these, but what I like about these is they are water-resistant They have an ability to have cost and on they’re really really really freaking bright.

This is an actual emergency survival signaling Light like you just saw it has its normal on/off modes however there are several loads in addition to this and you can press and hold this thing until it goes past the blink and you can choose between different modes such as slow Beacon medium Bacon-fat flash or SOS in addition to an ability to use this to signal in morse code. Oh this just about does it for the micro and micro plus survival kit now what I like about these kits is by doing all the price comparison online you’re looking at somewhere between 85 to 90 dollars to buy this entire kit separately but I believe on the website.

I want to say something about the sixty to sixty-Five dollar price range for the Micro Plus survival kit I appreciate what goes prepared survival is trying to do for the outdoor prepping and survival communities as this becomes a lot more mainstream.

There’s a lot of families couples groups and people that are trying to get together And they don’t necessarily there’s going to be a government collapse, but there’s plenty of people that travel they go on different camping trips They want to prepare for natural disasters and having good survival kits and things that are of quality is vital But having a confident like go prepare survival who’s doing what they can to not rip you’re off and not destroy your wallet.

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