Survival Gear in your cargo box 2021

Survival Gear in your cargo box 2021

Survival Gear in your cargo box 2021

Survival Gear in your cargo box – All right so we’re out here at the worst-case scenario survival school we’re out here with Randy Wurst. The real deal is he’s one of four guys that actually built the classified survival manual for SOCOM. So we’ve laid out all the stuff that Randy had in his at the back of his box. Here Randy. I thought I had a lot of stuff in my Jeep in my suburban.

This is a lot of stuff. I don’t even know where to start. Well, basically, is it’s not the only survivor but emergency gear to extract people take care of emergencies because I said 90 % of your situations would be based on your vehicle. What we’re going to do? I’m not going to tear stuff apart but I’ll explain very fast.

Some of the stuff is here, let’s start with some of the most important ones that Crescent. That’S a fencing plier. The versatility. This tool is one of the most valuable tools that you can have in your vehicle. You’ve got to pick in, you got a hammer.

Got wire cutters here, you got a clamp where you can grab stuff and you have stuff where you can grab like pulling out tacks and nails and stuff. It’S very extremely versatile always have something like that in your toolbox. The crescent wrench. I went around to my vehicle. This is important and I found out what was my largest nuts that I had and I got a crescent wrench.

It was big enough to fit anything. You have to go and do that. So if there’s an issue and something else breaks we’re going to get in sockets, at least you have a crescent wrench that can work now. The importance of this toolset here that you’ll see, is the fact that you don’t need different lengths of sockets, because the sockets go all the way through. So if there was a long post that he was going to have to go through, it’ll go all the way through there and down to it extremely important.

If you have a socket SiC that you have something like this in your vehicle. Okay, I can’t express that enough, because you want to keep your vehicle going, do not destroy your vehicle if at all possible all right. So let’s start-up on the left side, that’s just the ball hitch. I don’t want to be breaking my leg with it sticking out. So it goes inside there back in the corner.

That is a little grill that I use back there and I keep that yes, that’s there, so I can cook-off of it. You see a 550 cord fire extinguisher. I’ve had my axles catch on fire, always fire extinguishers funnels. These are cigarettes. Lighter fluid 91 % alcohol of silicone spray stuff, like that, is in there.

The cover that you go over so if you’re carrying something fly out, but you can make a shelter out of that, the next bag, real quick there that’s the MSR. Would it gravity flow air, water, purifier, not a filter, but that’s a purifier, and it will also do gasoline one of the rare ones that will there in all my vehicles? Underneath that are zip ties. I don’t have time for it, but zip ties are extremely important. I knew a ton of stuff with zip ties, towing, clamps, but also if your vehicle is off in a precarious position, I can clamp it off and tie it off the tree wouldn’t move the same thing with my cocking hoist.

These are longer zip ties. These are you drop, something you need to get into something one is a magnet. One is a cloth thing. You don’t know to remember this is to handle emergency situations, so you don’t know what you’re going to get into you just cover your bases. Right here is the coveralls when we talked about large stuff.

This is big enough for someone else Skinnier, but it’s also in the wintertime. Get the lined one and put it in there so that can keep the body warm keep them from having hypothermia. These are those micro towels that you can wipe off and dry in seconds. These are cables to fasten and tie stuff down. If I, if I needed to lock something down, I came, these are old-school, but this is the canvas water carriers and you put it on our vehicle, yeah and it seals up.

This is canvas tarps same thing. Used on horses, one back home when we were outfitting and guiding excellent because I always wear gore-tex boots. If I need to go in the water climb, trees or rocks, I have my five-finger: shoes.

For emergency rope. This is a 100-foot emergency rope that I can get down to a situation to help. Somebody has that’s a self-contained, not only Swiss seat, but it’s 380-pound test line really small line in there, and I can rappel with that. That’S a complete set in there. All my rappelling gear is stuff also and all my tie-down stuff.

This has all my survival gear from slingshots, everything, there’s emergency lights on all my gear, so you can mark it. If you were leaving it, this flashlight sitting outside, but this thing is jammed, packed full, there are duplications on stuff, it isn’t just what you can use, is what you can help other people use. That’S what’s in here, there are blankets, there are different types of clothing, but what’s unique about this, I’m not going to get into these is that these are those waterproof dry bags. Put all my stuff in the dry bag, extremely important, include your cables.

The thing you need to know about it. The smaller the number the larger, like number four cable, gives you all the juice your battery gives you this seems old-school, but when everything goes the nuts on yet you need a hand pump so that you can pump your tires up, it will always be there for you what’s in this stuff. A fuel filter, fuel stuff for making fires, and stuff in a sealant for tires.

This is a hula popper that floats on top of the water fishing lure, but it goes with this small pole. Not only can I fish with a small pole.

Fillet knife for fish. This is for siphoning. This is plastic. Tubing always has that with you in an emergency, This is what I use when I want to boil water, something I made.

What I tried to separate it is some of the hand, tools that we’re going to use. I know it looks like a lot, but if you’re going to try to extract people or help people in emergencies, some of these tools are specific. For that other things, or it can help you in survival situations the files you. I know it looks kind of strange having all these different types of files and stuff but in an emergency situation around vehicles or equipment.

There’S a lot of work that I can do that I can get it back up if I just have the right tool doesn’t take much room. That’s why the files and extra saw blades and saw blades are here and if you’re cutting tools, all you have to have is a sharpener to go with it, so I always have sharpeners in all my gear. You have to keep your blade sharp next to. That’S a want to break that down, but that is a complete, 22 rifle system. It’S also waterproof.

It floats that stay in my vehicle for emergency purposes. Getting going my backpack pretty easy. The 22 shells that are there these this is actually called. This is what a shovel is. This is actually a spade, okay, which I didn’t know that for a long time, this is an actual shovel.

A spade. What’S unique about this real quick is I made it so I could take it down, but this is fiberglass. I fit a piece of wood to go down the whole center of this to make this strong, because that fiberglass will break you do have to reinforce that, especially in a vehicle. You can dig yourself out, you got rocks your problems, that’s what this is for, but these are all small enough.

If I needed to take tools with me, I could fit these and tie these to my rucksack. These are two tools I might take for that. For extraction purposes, that’s what the crowbars are for once I get a bite with something I can use a longer one to take advantage of that. So that’s what the crowbars are for the saws. Obviously, this is just for cutting fine wood.

This one is for cutting long wood, you know like logs and what not tree limbs extremely fast and easier to use, the saw than it is to a chop and stuff like that for vines and stuff. That’S in a way, a good, machete, and CRKT does a good job on this one because of the handle the way it’s built most. All the energy is focused right here so that making the tool do the work, also where the handle is made, the material it absorbs the shock into my hand extremely important if you’re using it, and you need to thicker heavier blade to take the punishment. The axes, this is the Fisher’s. You have to have your own covers.

If you look at it, that’s got a splitting edge that comes back here. So not only can I chop with it, but I can split with it. All my tools are razor sharp. If you look there, that’s a cut for me putting this back in, could probably shave with any of these knives here or these blade tools.

I don’t make them razor-sharp, but I sharpen them. I just got done using and digging you can see, but you see how that sharpened. Everything is neat, Now this is a small axe, really important, where I have it.

As with all steel, the advantages of this – if I need to crack in and start cutting metal away to get to it start prying with it. I need something that can take the punishment. So this whole axe is metal the whole shank in it, but it’s rubberized to help absorb the shock. Now, this doesn’t seem like much but you’re in the force, removing your need to get on this back road stuffs in a way. This is one of those tree trimmer systems.

I can saw cut and cuts the fun way. So it’s clearing stuff out of your way, you may have to take a different route out than you came in. That’S a 22 inch. I do this is by Caltech, and this is a 22 mag know that this is collapse down. The magazine goes into the handle and it carries like 30 rounds into it.

It’S a 22 mag, you see it all small. This is the phenomenal little weapon, we’ve broken it down. Pretty easy to break down and clean, I love the 22 Magnum even better than I do the regular 22. It has a lot more versatility. This is a new system.

I like it very much. I haven’t used it a lot but it’s impressed me so far. Now the other thing on this table is real, quick they’ll be in all my gear. These are candles I make up and because of the size of them, I have three different wicks. This is my key for making fires so far without fail of 100 % success in any weather conditions.

You give me building fires with my techniques and using my candles. That’s the stuff that I carry inside my vehicle. It seems a lot, but it all does fit in there. It all has a purpose and a reason you will take and decide for what room you have where you are, what you want to do, what you want to pack, but everything you see in this vehicle everything you’ll see from this point on for the lower 48 will be can be used in the lower 48. I can’t guarantee what can be used like in Alaska necessarily down in Hawaii, but the 48 states.


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