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Malana and Malabar – Vestige of Greek Influence

Weird are the tales from the past. I read about this charming town near Kullu called Malana where the remnants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers stayed behind as well as whose family tree lives to date in this remote village? Stories such as these regale you at mixer and at times leave a lasting effect, if the story cashier weaves a compelling tale. As well as in this instance, an Army Officer absolutely did. Also I review an intriguing article on the beginning of the Thiyyas of North Malabarbased on the book “Crete to Kerala” by MM Anand Ram. Both these stories leave a remaining feeling of the likely, although not adequately supported by realities.

Ottawa Cycle Paths, Worth a Visit

Ottawa is an excellent city for the cycling lover to check out. It has near to 300 km (180 miles) of organized cycle paths in the National Capital location. Views arrays from the Victorian Architecture of the down town area to different museums. It complies with the Ottawa and Rideau rivers and also the UN Heritage Rideau Canal. It crosses the 500 acre National Experimental ranch which is the largest farm within any type of city. In Gatienau Quebec it offers a ride to the neighboring Gatienau Hills where natures can also consist of bear sightings. All in all a beneficial browse through.

North Dakota – A Place That Must Be Explored

Located at the Midwestern region in the United States, North Dakota is a remarkable area to go to. It is among the least populated states of the USA. It was the residence of Indigenous Americans for thousands of years before the breakthrough of the European inhabitants. The culture of this state shows the background as it shares some crucial aspects of Indigenous American culture.

Interesting Places to Visit on Your Trip to Palawan

Palawan is a preferred visitor location in the Philippines. It is the ideal place for diving, snorkeling, island jumping, rock climbing and even more.

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Milford Sound

Ahh, Milford Audio; a location where it rains more than a 180 days a year, as well as where summertime daytime temperature levels average only about 67ºF. But, if you allow that stop you from also taking into consideration visiting this New Zealand South Island area, you would certainly be losing out on among the most beautiful put on Planet. And also if you do not believe me, simply ask Journey Advisor, where Milford Sound was offered a “Travelers’ Selection Destination” Honor.

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